What are your environment and climate priorities for the 2021 State Legislative Session.

We look forward to hearing from you and our network partners as we plan our advocacy for 2021.

Thanks to this list from Emily Knudsen and the 37th LD Environment and Climate Caucus

37th LD Environment and Climate Caucus 2021 Legislative Priorities

Find out more about the caucus here: https://www.37environmentandclimatecaucus.org/what-we-do

Climate-Friendly Land Use

Support legislation that helps create 15-minute communities and affordable housing, both of which increase quality of life and decrease transportation emissions. Legislation such as:

  • GMA Overhaul (3 parts): Climate bill, Housing bill, Environmental Justice bill
  • Allowing Unrelated Co-occupants (SB 6302)
  • Permitting missing middle housing in cities and populous counties (SB 6536)
  • Other proposals that encourage density and multi-use zoning

Fair Funding and Tax Reform

Environmental policies and programs cannot be properly funded with Washington’s current regressive tax system.  We need:

  • Progressive tax reform
  • Stable funding for transit (e.g., air quality surcharge on new vehicles)
  • carbon price to fund a just transition to a low carbon future and to spur economic recovery

Phasing out fossil Fuels

To reduce our climate impact and harmful air pollution, we must focus our efforts on the state’s two largest greenhouse gas emissions sources, transportation and building sectors, by:

  • Funding public transit to reduce vehicle miles traveled, expand transit options and make transit options more convenient and affordable
  • Enacting a carbon price to account for externalities and disincentivize use of fossil fuels
  •  Supporting the electrification of our transportation sector
  • Clean Fuels Standard that incentivizes the transition to electrification
  • Electrification of public transit and school buses

Environmental Justice

Climate change and pollution disproportionately affects Indigenous, Black, Brown and low-income communities. Our district suffers some of the worst environmental health disparities. We must support solutions that combat long-standing environmental racism and begin to rectify these harms, including:

  •  Healthy Environment for All Act
  •  Transportation for All bill: expands transportation policy goals to include accessibility, climate, health and equity (HB2688 / SB 6398)
  • Anti-displacement policies and policies that promote correction of prior displacement
  • Environmental Justice Task Force Recommendations, including:
    • Require use of cumulative impacts and EJ analysis in state agency work
    • Convene a permanent EJ workgroup
    • For environmental legislation with new revenue sources, require dedicated percentage of the budget to serve overburdened communities

Cultural Change

We need all hands on deck to address the climate crisis. We will support legislation and candidates that build further support for bold climate action. We must:

  • Declare a Climate Emergency (HB 2829)
  •  Require Climate Science Education (HB1496)