About South Seattle Climate Action Network

The South Seattle Climate Action Network is a community of concerned citizens who seek to elevate the importance of climate justice via community building, educating our elected officials, and partnering with allied organizations.  We also seek to develop strong relationships with our South Seattle State Legislators to support meaningful environmental and climate legislation, and to promote a sustainable and equitable future for our people and the planet.

We’re ordinary people, just like you. We are juggling jobs, kids, and relationships. We have bills to pay, children to love, friends and family to support. We don’t feel like we have all the answers.  But the urgency of the climate crisis leaves us with no other option but to act for our planet, our communities and our families.


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Our Latest Events

  • “2040” Film Screening and Community Conversation about “New Rules For Fossil Fuels”

    • April 22, 2021 at 6:00 pm
    • Online event

    REGISTER HERE  to watch the award-winning climate documentary “2040” sometime between April 16 – 23. AND… REGISTER HERE for Mt. Baker Meaningful Movies Community Conversation: After you ...

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